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KF Trust is ready to help you when you need it with On-Demand cleaning services. Our franchise business owners can fulfill immediate and specific cleaning needs within your budget. When you need a deep clean, trust the professionals with the expertise in proper cleaning protocols to help you keep your business healthy and safe for your employees and customers.

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Since 2012, KF Trust has helped thousands safeguard their bottom-line by cleaning businesses using the KF Trust® brand, process and systems. We provide our Environmental Specialists with comprehensive training and certification in our in-house Holisitc Cleaning Process, built on CDC and AORN standards for cleaning and disinfecting. This enables us to deliver professional cleaning services that efficiently eliminate the maximum amount of dirt, germs and bacteria from customers’ workplaces.

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KF Trust Environmental Specialists ensure that the easy-to-miss, difficult-to-reach areas of your business get the thorough deep cleaning they need to last.

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Truly the best at what they do! We recommend KF Trust with Five Stars. 

Jahnee Drawn

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Office Cleaning

Your office environment is home to unseen germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your employees. Cleaning for appearance isn’t enough anymore—limit sick days and keep your employees healthy and productive all year long. KF Trust creates customized cleaning plans that target high-touch areas, resulting in a clean fresh-smelling workplace.

Medical and Healthcare Cleaning

A professional clean has become essential for the operation of any business, and nowhere is that more true than in the medical industry. KF Trust knows that healthcare facilities are bound to the highest cleaning standards to maintain the safety and health of all who enter. Our Holistic Based Cleaning System features advanced technology and innovative methods to ensure a germ-free environment for patients, staff, and other visitors. From the waiting area to the operating room, our highly-trained team sets the gold standard in hospital-grade cleaning.

Industrial Warehouse Cleaning

Industrial plants harbor germs and bacteria that can make facilities look and smell bad, as well as spread illness that reduces productivity. KF Trust has 20 years of experience tackling the biggest, toughest and most diverse industrial workspaces.

Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning

The best fitness facilities look clean and smell great, creating an inviting experience for both new and existing members. Let your guests spend time focusing on their health, rather than being concerned if the environment around them is clean. You can count on KF Trust to create the clean, fresh-smelling, healthy and welcoming environment you’re looking for.

Schools and Daycare Cleaning Services

Students in any school setting are susceptible to the spread of illness-causing germs whether they’re just entering pre-school or wrapping up their Ph.D. Fortunately, KF Trust Environmental Specialists ® are up to the challenge of minimizing that risk with our proprietary commercial cleaning protocols. By employing the most effective school cleaning services, sanitization techniques, and hospital-grade products, we eliminate up to 99.97% of germs. Reduce illness and absence while ensuring your reputation matches your high standards of academic excellence and High Aspirations.

Retail Store Cleaning Services

From major retailers to local boutiques, KF Trust knows that your business reputation is built from the moment shoppers walk in the door. To help you create a positive customer experience that boosts your brand, franchised business owners use our professional Holistic Cleaning Concepts® standards to combat dust, reduce disease-spreading germs and create a fresh-smelling shopping experience.

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Attention to detail is our niche and we take our time to get it right the first time around.

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